Alistair Levine

Chief Revenue Officer, Owner KitchenSync | Vine Hospitality

Alistair is the Chief Revenue Officer of KitchenSync. He was born into the restaurant industry and invested in his first restaurant when he was eight years old. He is extremely passionate about dining in and learning about restaurants from street food stands in Thailand to Michelin starred restaurants in London. His belief is that food is one of the best ways to experience and understand another culture.

He is also an adventurous and accomplished home cook (not chef) and spends much of his leisure time in the kitchen creating and sharing meals and wine with his wife and friends.  

Alistair’s entrepreneurial drive emerged early and with success. At seven years old he made over $100 selling lemonade (later to be invested!). In high school he started a DJ business. Working his way up through the audio world, he spent the last 10+ years doing business in the luxury audio space. During his tenure he spearheaded the creation of a Luxury Yachting division and the development of new markets in Asia (India, Thailand etc.) doubling sales over a five year period and substantially increasing bottom line profitability. He has done deals in more than 20 different countries on 3 continents, before joining Vine Solutions full time in 2020.

His focus at KitchenSync is to empower restaurant owners and operators with timely information made possible by technology improvements. His journey to Vine Solutions started two decades ago when his father, Ed Levine, created and grew Vine Dining Enterprises from the initial Left Bank restaurant in Larkspur and shortly thereafter Vine Solutions, all the while Alistair watched, listened and learned. With Ed’s untimely passing in 2017, Alistair took up the torch, becoming deeply engaged on the boards of both companies. This allows him to have the unique advantage of seeing the industry from both the restaurant owner perspective and the service provider lens allowing for a synthesis of both viewpoints that drives valuable insights that few others can offer. With a greater understanding of restaurant financials and their exposition of areas of opportunity, our clients use that knowledge to drive bottom line results.

In 2021 Vine Solutions merged with another leading outsourced restaurant corporate office company KitchenSync, in order to greatly expand both companies reach and resourcing. We are focused on continuing to be the standard bearer for the industries corporate office support needs.

Alistair is always hungry for knowledge and loves learning from the KitchenSync team and our incredible clients.

Headshot of Alistair Levine