White Papers

We’re bringing you a library of sponsored white papers that will make you more knowledgeable on a number of subjects near and dear to your net worth. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything restaurant and foodservice related.

2023 QSR Operational Index

Gain exclusive access to QSR data, including insights on delivery, mobile, and kiosk growth, sales and customer experience, guest checks by channel, data by state and daypart, and more. Use the index’s data, insights, and practical tips to get a pulse on the industry, benchmark your stores, and improve store’s performance metrics.

The QSR Operational Index is the only report of its kind, featuring over 25 data visualizations for QSR statistics. It covers delivery and channels, sales, labor and food costs, customer experience, and speed of service.

Kiosk Buyer’s Guide for Restaurants

What to consider when integrating kiosks

Innovation In Food Delivery

Opportunities to Differentiate Through Use of Active Temperature Management

Guest Lifetime Value: The Real North-Star Metric for Restaurants

Did you know 60% of a restaurant’s revenue is driven by ~20% of guests? That’s why top brands are laser-focused on guest lifetime value.

Download Olo’s latest ebook to learn all about lifetime value—one of the most critical guest insights—why it matters more than ever, and how to use it to drive profitable growth.

Food for Work, Off-Premise Operations

Delve into strategies to align technology, customer services, and reliability to ensure off-premise business growth.