Food On Demand 2023

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Day One

The State of Food On Demand
Welcome General Session
Jared Pfeifer, Publisher, Food On Demand

The State of Food On Demand
Tom Kaiser, Editor, Food On Demand
Bernadette Heier, Editor, Food On Demand

Opening Keynote

Charlie Morrison, CEO, Salad and Go
Fred LeFranc, Results Thru Strategy

Cross-Industry CEO Roundtable

Savneet Singh, PAR Technology
Stefania Mallet, ezCater
Stephanie Sollers, Virtual Dining Concepts
Noah Glass, Olo
Michael Montagano, Kitchen United

Marketing to the Omni-Channel Guest

Moderator: Laura Michaels
Marianne Radley, Smoothie King
Steph So, Shake Shack
Jane McPherson, Capriotti’s and Wing Zone

Third-Party Deep Dive

Moderator: Tom Kaiser, Editor, Food On Demand
Yadavan Mahendraraj, Uber Eats
Eric Ferguson, Grubhub

How Solving the Data Problems of Today Sets the Foundation for Innovations Tomorrow

Moderator: Darien Bates, Fourtop Solutions
Amir Hudda, Qu
Garrett Fadden, Focus Brands
Tyler Kraemer, Penn Station East Coast Subs

Day Two

Building Your Omni-Fleet and Hybrid Delivery Operation

Moderator: Carl Orsbourn, JUICER
Alan Hickey, Vromo
Brandi Villarreal, Uber
Kelly Esten, Toast
Moin Islam, ShipDay

Advanced Drive-Thru and Takeout Tech

Moderator: Zack Oates, Ovation
Gwen Bialas, Carter-Hoffmann
Brandon Barton, Bite
Dan Mosher, Presto

Data & Insights in a Shifting Market

Moderator: Bernadette Heier, Food On Demand
Audrey Pukask Bilsborrow, Brizo FoodMetrics
Andrew Custage, Medallia

Multi-Channel Restaurant Pricing

Moderator: Tom Kaiser, Food On Demand
Ashwin Kamlani, JUICER
Sherri Kimes, Cornell University
Colin Webb, Sauce Pricing
Mike Lukianoff, Extrophy 360

Investing in the Future of Food

Moderator: Andrew Peskoe, Golenbock
Brita Rosenheim, Vita Vera Ventures
Jimmy Frischling, Branded Hospitality Ventures
Marty Hahnfeld, 858 Partners

Alternative Delivery Solutions

Moderator: Hanson Li, Lazy Susan
Ruston Hicks, Let’s Do Delivery
John Sewell, Go Loco
George Etre, Etre Restaurant Group | Chomp Delivery

Future Battlegrounds of Data, Delivery and Loyalty

Moderator: Tom Kaiser, Food On Demand
Zach Goldstein, Thanx
Geoff Alexander, Wow Bao
Jessica Jami, P.F. Chang’s
Beth Hardy, Modern Market Eatery & Lemonade

Restaurant Real Estate in a Digital World

Moderator: Meredith Sandland, Empower Delivery
Romina Gupta, Nimbus
Erik Herrmann, CapitalSpring
Luke Pipkin, Chick-fil-A

Your Restaurant Marketing Questions Answered

Moderator: David “Rev” Ciancio, Handcraft Burgers & Brew
Jon Register, VIRTURANT
Jennifer Layman, Red Lobster
Otto Othman, Pincho
Rob Elliott, Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Around the Industry 1

Scott Nelson, SAVRpak
Vishal Agarwal,
Avi Goren, Marqii
Rob Grimes, IFBTA

Around the Industry 2

Peter Backman, theDelivery.World
Lauren Bugeja, Google
Alexis DePietro, SVK Food Hall
Adam Armeland, Kitchen Hub

Revolutionizing Payments and the FOH Experience

Moderator: Ryan Palmer, Lathrop GPM
Tor Opedal, Olo
Jane Hong, Square
Sal Nazir, PAR Technology

Next-Level Customer Data Deployment

Moderator: Niko Papademetriou, Qu
Rob Ertmann, Mo’Bettahs
Rajat Bhakhri, Incentivio
James McGehee, Dave’s Hot Chicken

Improving Off-Premises Food Quality

Moderator: Carl Orsburn, Juicer
John Simms, Home Valet
Kevin King, Donatos
Zach Woodburn, Freddy’s
Benji Koltai, Galley


Game-Changing Mobility Partnerships

Moderator: Scott Landers, Figure 8
Chris Neider, Starship
Adam Herbert, Grubhub
Abby Wheeler, Uber
Michael Gormley, Cartken

How to Navigate Building Sales with Limited Resources

Moderator: Jim Rand, CaterStrat
Gracie Prasanson, Jason’s Deli
Dino Northway, Portillo’s Hot Dogs
Courtney Smith, Independant Consultant
Anna Williams, Maggiano’s Little Italy

Day Three

Own and Optimize Your Off-Prem: Ask the Delivery Experts

Fred LeFranc, Results Thru Strategy
Scott Landers, Figure 8

Franchisors Face Unique Challenges to Make Third Party Delivery Services Available to Franchisees

Moderator: Amy Cheng, Cheng Cohen
Nancy Combs, Papa John’s International
Nick Petrocci, Zaxby’s

Virtual Restaurant Operator Case Studies

Moderator: Bernadette Heier, Editor, Food On Demand
Ray Sassaman, Benchwarmers Bar & Grill
Steve Vincent, Red Robin

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