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Franchise Times, the Restaurant Finance Monitor, Food On Demand and Foodservice News have teamed up again to host Restaurant Recovery Week, May 18-21, a daily webinar series designed to help guide restaurateurs through this ongoing crisis with content tailored to a wide range of restaurant and foodservice brands. Moderated by our editorial staff, Restaurant Recovery Week will connect you with a range of experienced industry experts who can provide ideas and solutions designed to help your restaurant respond to current challenges and evolve into a new normal. Each session will include significant time for audience interaction. Look below to register and join us for any portion of this free webinar series.

Monday, May 18, 2020 – 1 pm Central

Off-Premises and Third-Party Delivery Strategy

If you weren’t participating in off-premises and delivery, you definitely are now, out of necessity. But once dining rooms open, there is no going back, so how do you continue to grow your off-premises sales?

Moderator: Tom Kaiser, Editor, Food on Demand

Debbie Litow, Director, Central Region, DoorDash

Hoyt Jones, President, Jersey Mike’s Subs

George Istfan, CEO, NovaDine

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 – 1 pm Central

Welcoming Back Staff and Customers: Tips for Doing it Right

You’re finally able to reopen your dining rooms, but it clearly won’t be the same operation you previously ran. How can you make money if the dining room capacity is reduced by as much as 50%-75% in some areas? How will you keep employees and customers safe?  What sanitation standards have to be adopted? How do you incorporate takeout and delivery with your dining-in?  This webinar is about ideas for getting back to business. Our experts will guide you on cost-effective measures and best practices to welcome back staff and customers and reestablish a safe and entertaining dining experience.

Moderator:  Nancy Monroe, Editor, Foodservice News

Mike Wills, CEO, Apex Supply Chain
Steve Rosenfield, Co-Owner, Baria Queen
Tanya Spaulding, Principal, Shea, Inc.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – 1 pm Central
Restaurant HR Series: The New Normal in Hiring, Restaffing and Keeping Employees Safe

Restaurants are reopening across the country and it’s imperative tobring your top performing employees back to work. However, concerns about safety and the attractiveness of federal unemployment benefits, means not everyone who was working for you prior to the mandatory shutdowns willcome back right away. Enticing employees to return and hiring new individuals to fill the gap will require you to embrace a healthy-at-workattitude. Our panel of experts will tell you what you need to know about the new normal in hiring, rehiring and keeping employees safe.Plus, how to make sure you meet all requirements so your Paycheck Protection Program loans are forgiven.

Moderator: Beth Ewen, Senior Editor, Franchise Times

Chris Murphy, Exec. VP of National Sales, Alliance Payroll Services
Charlye Batten, VP Human Resources, Jackmont Hospitality (TGI Fridays)
Wyatt Batchelor, Partner, MBN Brands (Jimmy John’s, Burger King, IHOP)
Mary Lou Atkins–Director of HR, Chicken Salad Chick

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Thursday, May 21, 2020 – 1 pm Central

What Does Franchise Finance Look After the Dust Settles?

The Covid-19 meteor that hit the restaurant industry in March has impacted almost every establishment in the country in one way or another. While the media attention has been all about the restaurant Armageddon, pizza delivery, QSR with high-functioning drive-thrus, and efficient to-go and delivery operations have shown tremendous resiliency. What does all of this disruption mean for the availability of franchise financing, the ability to do an M&A deal, sell and lease back real estate, or complete a franchise transaction? Join Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger as he serves up timely franchise finance questions to veteran restaurant financial experts: Carty Davis of C Squared Advisors and Glen Kunofsky of SNTL Advisors and NNN Pro and Thomas Hung of First Horizon Restaurant Finance.

Moderator: John Hamburger, President, Franchise Times


Carty Davis, Partner, C Squared Advisors

Glen Kunofsky, Principal, SNTL Advisors and NNN Pro

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