Buck Jordan

Co-founder & CEO, Wavemaker Labs

Buck is the co-founder and CEO of Wavemaker Labs—a next-gen corporate innovation venture fund that incubates and scales disruptive technology startups in partnership with the world’s most forward-thinking companies. ​Inspired by the autonomous technology he witnessed while in the U.S. Army, Buck is building one of the largest, most qualified robotics teams in the world, working to transform the food industry through advanced AI, machine learning and Robotics.​

His leadership at Wavemaker Labs has resulted in the launches of Future Acres (sustainable agricultural robotics), Graze (autonomous and electric-powered commercial lawn mower), Bobacino (fully automated boba tea bar), Piestro (fully automated pizzeria) and Nommi (fully automated bowl-based meals). ​Buck is also the co-founder, president and chairman of Miso Robotics (best known for its flagship product, Flippy).

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