Kim Bartmann

CEO, Bartmann Group

Kim is a triple-bottom-line restaurateur and professional instigator, launching eateries in re-imagined spaces since 1991. She’s been creating and producing events for an unmentionable amount of time; before they called it placemaking. She believes that well-prepared food made from ethically sourced, sustainably farmed ingredients, welcoming spaces, and creative events can bring people together, support neighborhoods and catalyze a city.

Kim’s hospitality vision and leadership have been recognized locally and nationally. She is a three-time semi-finalist for the JBF Outstanding Restaurateur award, has been named an NRA 100 Power Player, and has won numerous other design and sustainability awards. With a strong belief in giving back, Kim has served on several non-profit boards, mentored many young entrepreneurs and served as an expert on three seasons of the Small Business Revolution television series. She’s currently exploring serving on a public company board.

Outside of work and mentoring, she stays busy with house or garden projects, cooking for her wife and family, and spending time at the lake in northern Wisconsin. Her favorite question after “Who’s hungry?” is “What’s next?!”

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