Restaurant commerce platform GoTab has launched the Manager App, a mobile application that delivers centralized access to management tools to improve daily operations and guest experiences on-the-go.

The Manager App is an extension of GoTab’s on-premises dashboard, providing operators with deep visibility into store-level reporting and features.

“In order to scale efficiently, operators need full transparency into what’s going on inside the four walls of their business, even when they’re not there,” said GoTab co-founder & CEO Tim McLaughlin. “With the Manager App, we’re providing detailed access to real-time data at one or all locations.”

The app allows operators to make immediate changes to scheduling shifts, menus, inventory and more from anywhere using their mobile device.

“This will be a game-changing solution for operators focused on growth and multi-unit efficiency,” said McLaughlin.

In addition, the app provides access to real-time loyalty and discounts. Operators can also view previous customers’ tabs, instantly refine or close open tabs, and interact with guests via two-way SMS or email based on real-time customer feedback.

GoTab’s Manager App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.