Yegor Traiman

CEO, Remy Robotics

Yegor Traiman is the CEO of Remy Robotics, a visionary company leveraging robotics and AI to transform the food industry. With a foundation in software engineering and applied mathematics, Traiman’s passion transcends the digital, aiming to innovate within essential industries like communications, housing, transportation, and now, food. His career trajectory took off in IT consulting, rapidly advancing from software engineering to crucial business roles, demonstrating a knack for leadership and strategic growth.

Traiman played a pivotal role in the development and eventual sale of a digital-first telecom startup, which achieved a remarkable $1.5 billion sale within just five years. His leadership skills further shone through as the mayor of a newly established high-tech city, where he fostered an integrated ecosystem promoting high-tech education, business, innovation, and quality of life. He then ventured into the electric vehicle sector with a commercial startup, leading it to a Nasdaq listing.

In 2018, Traiman embarked on a mission to revolutionize the food industry with Remy Robotics, marrying his belief in food as a cornerstone of health with the potential of robotics to improve food accessibility, sustainability, and employment quality. The team’s commitment has culminated in a diverse, high-quality, and affordable menu that has garnered positive customer feedback and loyalty, propelling Traiman’s enthusiasm for making a significant, lasting impact.

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