Cibotica, a Canadian-based food robotics company, has made strides in revolutionizing kitchen efficiency with the release of its flagship product Remy.

Remy is an automated salad and bowl assembly line that’s capable of making up to 300 bowls per hour.

“Our journey began as restaurant industry veterans faced modern-day operational issues firsthand. We’ve been particularly focused on improving portioning and efficiency, tasks that have always been difficult to manage well,” said Cibotica co-founder Ashkan Mirnabavi

The under-the-counter, compact, modular makeline is designed to be incorporated into existing operations without major disruptions to kitchen layouts.

The system can receive orders from various sources, including POS and online ordering channels, as well as third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.

How it works: Utilizing Cibotica’s AI-driven core technology, bowls are automatically dispensed and travel along a conveyor belt, collecting and weighing precise portions of each ingredient. The system can also track inventory, provide real-time data insights and a detailed sales report.

“Through proprietary dispensing technology, our automated makeline transforms food assembly, ensuring precise portioning, minimizing waste, and optimizing operational efficiency,” said Cibotica co-founder and CTO Daryoush Sahebjavaher.

According to the company, Remy’s articulate portioning reduces food waste by 50 percent while also addressing labor issues by automating mundane tasks.

“As we expand our influence in the quick service restaurant sector, we are simultaneously advancing our core technology for broader applications across various industries,” said Cibotica co-founder Soroush Sefidkar.  “We are currently planning installations with new customers and fundraising for our next round of investment.”

Remy is fully operational in a multi-brand food hall called Food Republic in Vancouver, Canada. The company also plans to pilot Remy throughout the U.S., kicking off with its first trial partner MOTO Pizza. The company states it plans to announce additional U.S. partners in the near future.

Cibotica joins others in the automated makeline race. Chipotle continues to make headway with its robotic bowl maker Hyphen, as does Sweetgreen with its Infinite Kitchen system.