Jose Volio

Head of Growth, Otter

Jose is the global head of growth for order management and growth platform Otter. With over 100,000 customers around the world, Otter helps restaurants save time, increase sales and deliver better.

With a background in finance and psychology, Jose started working with restaurants and technology at Uber Eats where he helped to scale the platform from an internal bet into a global delivery player and managed one of the fastest growing regions in Latin America. From Uber Eats to his current position at Otter, Jose has spent much of the past decade helping restaurants and tech companies grow by embracing delivery and online ordering.

In his role at Otter, Jose works closely with sales and marketing teams to bring Otter to new markets, as well as with restaurants to develop and launch solutions to help them grow—from virtual menus to delivery platform marketing—Jose anchors Otter’s success to growth and results for restaurants around the world.

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