The big criticism of meal-kit companies is that while you don’t have to go to the store, you still have to cook. For those busy millennial families or people who tend to cram in everything they can, that’s a big hurdle.

Producers of frozen, mass-market meals are seeing a lot of innovation and a lot of growth. According to a Stanford University study, the average American eats 72 frozen meals a year and that number is growing. Still, there remains a ton of pretty gross frozen meals that are either a salt assault or flavorless mush.

With that in mind, Mosaic Food set to blend those categories by cooking up healthy bowl-based meals in a commissary-like facility, freezing them and shipping them out.

“We want to make something different by investing in great recipes and real cooking. The goal is to offer healthy, delicious meals ready in just a few minutes,” Mosaic co-founder Sam McIntire said in a press release.

Co-founder Matt Davis said the company could address many of the issues in the $53 billion frozen-meal market, but also the overall food industry by rethinking the frozen meal.

“The potential of the category is huge, and the benefits—from convenience to the reduction of food waste—are numerous,” said Davis. “We’re launching Mosaic to elevate the category and create healthy, delicious and convenient frozen meals for consumers.”

Each bowl comes with sauces and garnishes, ranging from $8.99 in a 12-meal box to $12.49 in a four-meal box, according to Tech Crunch. There is also the option for recurring subscriptions.

The company is launching with six meals: the Tuscan Pesto Bowl, the Greek Jackfruit Bowl, the Peanut Tofu Bowl, the Miso Tempeh Bowl, the Harvest Beet Bowl, and the Smoky Southwest Bowl. Initially, the company will only target the Northeast, with other markets to follow.

Whether it will make a dent in the vast frozen food market will be interesting to watch, as it’s pretty easy to grab a pile of meals and leave them in the freezer. But for those who crave to-the-door convenience and a fresher frozen meal, it might just click.