Cardfree, the digital services and digital ordering provider, announced a new tool to digitize multiple parts of the hotel experience.

Dubbed Cardfree Concierge, the “all-in-one platform” brings all manner of ordering, payments and loyalty functionality to hotels. It also leans on functionality like geofencing to help hotel staff efficiently find digital-ordering guests. Finally, it allows guests to order in-room dining without a separate app or utilizing third-party options directly.

CEO John Squire said as hotels bounce back with potentially overwhelming demand, once high-touch services are getting high-tech solutions.

“Historically, hotels and the hospitality industry have been reluctant to embrace technology in an industry so relationship-focused. Restaurants led the way, highlighting that allowing the customer to be self-directed can drive sales and decrease frustration simultaneously,” said Squire. “With CardFree Concierge, we know where the customer is and introduce them into the experience even before they check-in, ensuring a frictionless and personalized journey throughout their stay. So much about a customer coming back is about providing the tools to enjoy all the hotel has to offer; with CardFree Concierge, the hotel is literally in your pocket on-demand.”
He said in initial launches, Concierge has led to ordering growth of more than 60 percent. Hotelier Pankaj Khanna, vice president of digital product and tech at Great Wolf Lodge, said it integrated well into the company’s point of sale infrastructure and provided a nice new technology layer to the business.

“Through CardFree Concierge, we’ve been able to address key food ordering scenarios and introduce innovative guest-friendly options like order-to-room, order ahead, and QR code ordering where guests have the option to either pay through their phone or charge it to their room,” said Khanna. “We’ve also seen improvements in our customer and employee satisfaction levels with the integration of self-serve kiosks designed for intuitive ordering for guests and to ease the pressure off our staff.”

See the full suite of tools below: