The endless scroll, it’s endemic on Netflix, Spotify and the delivery platforms. One app wants to get you off the thumb treadmill and back to your life, even if it’s just scrolling on Netflix again.

Gimmie Food has a simple premise: you pay them $22 and they send you some food. What kind of food? Who’s bringing it? Don’t busy yourself with such trivialities. Just plug in your name, number, address, a credit card and get on with your day. The app works in Europe and the U.S. via Bolt Foods, Uber Eats, Postmates and Norwegian delivery app Wolt.

The founder, Daniela Passos, made over the course of a few days. She said eight hours after launching on Product Hunt, 1,200 users had jumped on the system to order food.

The premise is nothing new. Users on Product Hunt pointed out that it looks a lot like an app with the same idea called Prior to that, many foodies probably remember the Wheel of Lunch, where users could spin a wheel and get a random lunch spot via Yelp. But it might harken back even further to grade school, when you opened a brown paper bag to find whatever mom packed for your lunch.

Restaurants and the delivery world have worked tirelessly to provide endless options for convenient food, but Gimmie Food and tools like it raise a big question: Wouldn’t it be nice
not to worry about what’s for dinner sometimes?