A Los Angeles-based startup aims to create a levelled playing field for local restaurants when it comes to online ordering and delivery.

Founded in 2022 by father-son duo Gary and Vincent Chaglasyan, Orderbyte is an AI automation platform for restaurants that automatically processes online orders across sales channels in one screen, and assigns on-demand delivery to drivers while integrating with third-party APIs and point-of-sale systems.

Gary Chaglasyan, a restaurant owner and operator himself with over 25 years of industry experience says Orderbyte was “built for restaurants like ours, great food, loyal customers, yet small resources to run a food delivery hub.” 

“The average local restaurant does not have the finances, staff, time and logistics to independently run their online delivery direct and across all sales channels while maximizing the use of their kitchen resource,” he added. 

For delivery, the platform is integrated with DoorDash, Uber as well as local fleets, with more to be announced soon, according to Chaglasyan. Orderbyte identifies which delivery outlets are the closest and cheapest options before assigning the on-demand driver. Rather than charge monthly fees or commissions, Orderbyte offers restaurants a flat $1.99 fee per delivery.

 AI-generated online storefront

In its latest venture, Orderbyte is assisting restaurants in the initial building of their online storefront, via its latest product RestoGPT.

RestoGPT allows operators to create their own zero-fee ordering website by sharing their menu.

Operators can submit their online menu (if available) or upload a PDF of their menu, answer a few questions and, within two hours or less, AI generates a fully functional online ordering storefront—a task that can often require months of set-up, especially for small businesses.

Once a menu is submitted, RestoGPT can generate an online ordering storefront within two hours or less.

The builder provides the necessary back-end tools, including built-in payment processing, menu management, marketing tools, customer reviews and an AI order delivery manager, that accepts and manages order statuses while assigning the best-priced on-demand driver in its network.

In addition, the system integrates with over 30 third-party apps, including Uber Eats and Yelp. 

“AI will orchestrate the whole process, connect with the other POS companies, other middleware companies or marketing tools, and that’s our goal is to give the restaurant an employee as an AI to do everything for them and let their employees that are there focus on serving customers and creating food,” said Chaglasyan.

After the storefront is built, operators can make changes through a short phone call with the RestoGPT team. 

RestoGPT is available to the public but is in its beta phase. Chaglasyan anticipates further advancements to come as the technology continues to learn as it goes. 

“I like to call it a Tesla model but for restaurants, because the more it works, the more it learns, the more it trains and becomes more optimal further down the road.”