Randy Murphy

Founder & CEO, OrderB4

Randy is founder and CEO of FourBurner Technologies, Inc. and the OrderB4 software platform. He has led the company since launch in June 2019 via spin out from his then multi-brand, multi-unit restaurant operating company based in Austin, Texas. FourBurner provides the white label, SaaS delivery platform OrderB4 that allows restaurants, ghost kitchens and virtual brands to manage and perform their own delivery straight from their websites, not having to lose customers and profits to third-party delivery marketplaces.

Formerly, Randy was co-founder, executive chairman and CEO of Murphy Adams Restaurant Group, which at its peaked owned and operated over 40 total units of Mama Fu’s Asian House, Austin’s Pizza and East Side King brands over the past 15 years. That operation spanned across nine markets, three states and two countries, and included significant investments and advancements in off-premises sales, technology and delivery logistics.

Randy began his professional career in hi-tech software development and sales, during which he owned and operated a software development and consulting business, Murphy Consulting, as well as spent time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tivoli Systems, Lombardi Software and Digital Motorworks.

Learn more at orderb4.com.

Headshot of Randy Murphy