Jamie Marshall

Co-Founder & COO, Snackpass

Jamie is the co-founder and COO of Snackpass. Having grown up in Rhode Island, Jamie left for Yale and studied pre-med and neuroscience. During her sophomore year at Yale, Jamie and her co-founder (Kevin Tan) teamed up to build Snackpass—social ordering for restaurants. They signed up all the local restaurants and made Snackpass go viral on campus. Since then, Snackpass has expanded rapidly to college campuses and cities across the country.

As COO, Jamie oversees all business functions of Snackpass including operations, strategy, go-to-market and growth. Marshall was selected and featured on the Forbes 30u30 list, a recipient of the Startup Yale Miller Prize, which awards $25,000 to the most promising student-led venture working on innovative tech, and is one of 20 participants in the Thiel Fellowship, a prestigious program that grants $100,000 to students who leave college to pursue startups.

In her spare time, Jamie is an angel investor and supports other founders and operators. She also enjoys surfing, playing tennis, golf, and the violin.

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