Through an expanded partnership between Grubhub and Transact Campus, a provider of mobile credential and payment solutions on campuses, students at Transact-enabled campuses can now order from off-campus restaurants through the Grubhub marketplace using their campus cards.

Called a “first-of-its-kind integration,” the new functionality allows students at campuses where Transact’s mobile app is enabled to order from on- and off-campus restaurants using Grubhub’s restaurant network and their campus card for a seamless ordering experience.

Through this integration, students can expand their dining options by toggling between on- and off-campus restaurants, all within the Transact Mobile Ordering app. When students select the off-campus option, they will see available Grubhub restaurants for pickup or delivery and pay for meals using their campus card where applicable.

Students will be able to access Grubhub’s network of more than 365,000 restaurants nationwide and place orders no matter where they are. The integration will also support local restaurants by providing them with a new channel to market their business and generate more orders from the campus community.

“This integration is a major win for everyone involved and a big step forward to provide a more holistic dining experience for students,” said Geoff Ellis, vice president strategic partnerships and business development at Grubhub. “Transact’s technology-first solutions complement our Grubhub marketplace offering and together, we’re empowering students to have more dining choices. Campus environments are ripe for innovation, and we’re looking forward to working with Transact to bring even more value to students, administrators and restaurants in communities across the country, while growing our campus and diner network.”

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Grubhub and offer even more ways for students to have cashless options and expanded meal choices,” said Laura Newell-McLaughlin, executive vice president and general manager, integrated payments, and campus commerce at Transact. “We’re continuously looking for ways to enhance the offerings in our mobile ordering platform and partnering with Grubhub to provide students with additional off-campus dining options makes our service even more seamless.”

This ordering method will be available to students in the coming months. The integration builds on Grubhub and Transact’s existing relationship, which allows hundreds of thousands of students in Transact’s CampusCash program across hundreds of campuses to use their student ID cards for cashless payments at university-approved off-campus merchants.