It’s the antithesis of the neighborhood ice cream truck: flats of microgreens delivered to farmers markets, restaurants, schools and some tony neighborhoods in Central Florida via the Superfood Wellness Wagon.

“’On demand food is one of our taglines,’” says Jim Gale, founder of Mobile Greens Wellness, a health food growing and delivery company. The idea is to turn the customer’s packaged-food and can-laden pantry into a living pantry, so they can be “producers rather than consumers,” he points out.

The Wellness Wagon is actually a trailer that holds 80 flats of microgreens and uses solar technology, atmospheric water generation and a water filtration system that ensures pure water nourishing the plants that have about 40-times the nutrition as the adult vegetables. In addition to selling the flats, which range from $25 for a one-time buy to $22 for a restaurant, the trailer is also equipped with blenders to make superfood smoothies and cold-brew coffee, along with a healthy dose of education. Customers can also find out how to purchase the equipment to grow their own greens.

Gale has spent much of his adult life studying permaculture, a system of agriculture and social design principles centered around natural ecosystems. He was part of a movement that planted 4,000 fruit trees and edible landscape in Costa Rica, “which was when I first realized what we were going to our micro systems.”

The education portion of the delivery service to public places is also the sales arm of his other company, Fuud Method, which sells the supplies for growing one’s own food. Products range from solar panels to Grow Cabinets for the kitchen and a Fuud Haus, or hydroponic greenhouse, for the backyard.

While Central Florida is the only market with delivery currently, they are in the process of registering their franchise offering.

Microgreens have a week to 14-day growing cycle, he says, so if healthy people aren’t into growing their own, they’ll likely be chasing the wellness wagon down the street like a kid after an ice cream cone.