Unless you’ve been preoccupied with dining out at restaurants every night, you’re probably familiar with the hot new food-on-demand movement which delivers everything from freshly ground baby food to meal kits to restaurant fare to late night cookies for insomniacs.
Meals have been mobile since the first carhop donned skates to deliver a tray to parked cars in the 1950s. Drink holders in cars allowed us to drink (soft drinks) and drive in the ’60s, and by the ’70s we were barely slowing down to pick up the bag of burgers handed out the drive-thru window.
Today’s tech-savvy consumers are fueled by their ability to order everything under the sun online. So to be able to have food delivered-cooked or ready to assemble-is par for this new course.
The food-on-demand industry covers a lot of ground, including meal delivery via car, bike or drone; prepared meals in supermarket delis; food trucks; subscription meal kits, institutional dining-plus the industries that support all these different business plans from packaging to tech or legal and accounting. And when you’re through chewing, there’s even a toothbrush subscription service.
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-Nancy Weingartner