, a Chicago-based ethnic grocery ordering and delivery company that’s previously focused on at-home consumers, announced its entry into B2B grocery-delivery business, which includes deliveries to restaurants. This offering is a part of the company’s new wholesale business arm catering to increased requests from restaurants to get higher quality groceries delivered directly to their place of business.

“All the restaurants that have reached out to us typically order groceries from four to five different suppliers on a weekly, and sometimes even daily, basis, said the company founders in a press release. “Each time the order is slightly different from the previous one.”

The founders went on to say that most suppliers don’t have a good e-commerce portal and some don’t even deliver, so this new service is intended to save restaurant operation managers and owners a significant amount of time on a weekly basis.

Aside from ethnic food items that encompass everything from Halal chicken to ghee, MyValue365 also sells beverage, ethnic desserts, along with ready-to-cook meals and personal care items.

Kaushik Guha, founder and owner of Chicago’s Hakka Bakka Indian restaurant, said he goes to great lengths to source ingredients that are authentically Indian and more convenient than hopping in the car to go to a ethnic grocery store.

Like the infamous Escher stairs, we are now wondering when grocery stores will look to have fresh ethnic meals delivered to them rather than dealing with all the hassle of ordering staples, returning carts and stocking shelves.