Tech company GYRO will introduce its Distribution Robot at this year’s Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2023 conference.

Designed to cater to hotels and restaurants, the GYRO Distribution Robot aims to provide 24/7 delivery room service and responsive food delivery at restaurants.

“We are excited to bring GYRO Distribution Robots to hotels in the USA in 2023. We intend to offer a free-to-lease model so that all hotels and motels in the USA will be able to access such leading technologies to provide convenience to their guests via the latest AI-enabled distribution robots,” Jason C., CEO of GYRO stated in a press release.

The GYRO Distribution Robot enables precise delivery and intelligent service with obstacle avoidance, infrared detection, and touchless voice interaction to enable operation efficiency in hotels and restaurants.

GYRO designs and develops sense and motion control mobility products. Best known for its electric scooters, in the past five years, GYRO has shipped over 1 million mobility products to global consumers. The company’s mission is to bring convenience to people’s daily activities, by integrating mobility robots in their day-to-day life.

The Distribution Model will be on display at GYRO’s exhibit at the CES conference, along with their latest electric scooter, the Gyroor x3, and the one-wheel-powered electric skateboard, Surfwheel.

The CES conference takes place January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.