Tales Spun ‘Round the Web – February 2017

Shelf Engine revs up to fine-tune restaurants’ ordering

Predicting customer order patterns is just one of the headaches Seattle start-up Shelf Engine will help restaurants avoid. Money woes is one problem the three-person company doesn’t need to worry about now that it’s raised a $800,000 seed round.

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Packaging is getting a bad rap

Silent Sprint Institute’s latest study found fluorinated chemicals in one-third of the fast-food packaging, which could lead to it finding its way into the food we eat.

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Are home meal kits eating grocery stores’ lunch meat?

The good news: Nielsen’s data shows that the biggest draw to the meal kit category is education (in this case learning how to cook). Retention rates and repeat orders of meal kit companies are increasingly going up, suggesting that the category is poised for continuous growth. The bad news: grocery store meat sales are getting slaughtered.

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New app for sit-down restaurants raises stand-up amount of $1.6M

Early funding enables ClickDishes to begin helping fine-dining establishments by allowing customers to pre-order food on their way to the restaurant in order to skip lines and have to make small talk while waiting for the food to come tableside.

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ClickDishes App Lets You Pre-Order Sit-Down Restaurant Meals And Just Raised $1.6M


EatStreet paves the way to delivery model

Seven-year-old EatStreet has acquired “certain assets” from Zoomer, a Philly-based food delivery service, its first “highlighted acquisition.”

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In brief

TinyOwl, a food ordering app in India, has shuts down its operations in 17 cities, servicing only a limited area of Mumbai, according to TechCircle. Specualtion is that it will be reinvented as a full-service delivery app. Despite a food on demand market that is not doing well in India, UberEats has announced it will be entering the market in the next few months, the tech website reports.