Waitr Holdings, a mid-size, third-party delivery provider and parent company of Bite Squad, announced its platforms are now fully integrated with Ordermark, a California-based restaurant online ordering management company.

The new streamlined service allows orders placed on the Waitr or Bite Squad apps to go straight to a single dashboard and be printed directly at partner restaurants via the Ordermark platform. This improved operational efficiency benefits both restaurants and customers, as restaurants can accept orders faster, resulting in faster delivery times for customers.

Restaurants will also benefit from one universal order-receiving portal, instantly improving online menu management. This technology eliminates the need for multiple tablets, synchronizes item availability and easily creates, imports and updates menus and images.

“The success of our restaurant partners is always our first priority,” said Carl Grimstad, CEO and chairman of Waitr’s board. “Our integration with Ordermark maximizes order flow and optimizes delivery efficiency and success.”

Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark, said “the partnership allows us to drive more orders and revenue for both our virtual restaurant and brick-and-mortar partners.”

Ordermark helps restaurants and virtual kitchens aggregate mobile orders across all the major online ordering service providers into a single dashboard and printer. Ordermark says its technology helps restaurants increase efficiency and grow profits, creating streamlined online ordering for restaurants across the country.