Location-based customer experience platform, Flybuy, announced two new integrations with Olo to streamline staff operations. Flybuy Pickup is now fully integrated to provide ETA and arrival events within Olo Expo, optimizing order prep and hand-off. Flybuy Pickup is now also integrated to automate Manual Fire Orders based on customer location.

Currently, Flybuy and Olo have partnered to serve 35 shared brands across 6,000 locations. These partnerships include Five Guys, Applebee’s, IHOP, El Pollo Loco, Five Guys, Hooters, Newk’s, Qdoba, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, District Taco, City Barbeque, BurgerFi, Burgerville, Taco Johns, and others.

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Teriyaki Madness deployed the Flybuy Pickup integration with Olo Expo to streamline operations and enhance its off-premise solution. The deployment of these technologies leverages precise location intelligence to drive efficiency.

The newly integrated Flybuy and Olo Expo solution enables Olo Expo to display multiple location events (accurate ETA, pre-arrival notifications, arrival notifications, etc.) on its dashboard. This enhances the staff’s visibility into the customer’s journey to the store allowing for precise preparation time of orders based on exact arrival times.

In a press release announcing the partnership, the companies said many restaurants suffer from “tablet fatigue” due to the proliferation of separate tablets for separate technology vendors they utilize (think: each delivery service provider, kitchen display, pickup solution has their own tablet). Flybuy Pickup + Olo Expo is designed to significantly reduce this burden by integrating all the location intelligence into the existing expo, eliminating any operational change for staff.

“We are excited to roll out Flybuy starting with our Denver locations,” says Jodi Boyce, chief marketing officer at Teriyaki Madness. “Through Flybuy’s advanced technology, we will give guests an experience that’s faster than a drive thru. And, with the integration between Flybuy and Olo Expo, which our shops already use, the training and adoption process has been extremely seamless.”

Olo and Flybuy have also integrated to automate order fire events for Olo manual fire orders based on customer location. This new capability is customizable, firing manual orders based on customer location and typical preparation time for the order. This results in streamlined staff operational efficiencies, timely order hand-off, and improved product quality and freshness for the end customer.

“The Olo team is excited to launch our new integrated offerings with Flybuy,” said Dan Singer, SVP, corporate development & partnerships at Olo. “By ingesting Flybuy’s location intelligence, we can provide restaurants with the most timely information. We have a long-standing relationship with Flybuy and look forward to continuing to help our mutual customers by maximizing labor efficiency.”