Another delivery giant is taking action to help gig workers gain access to safe e-bikes, as concerns continue to heat up amid an uptick in battery-related fires.

Grubhub has teamed up with JOCO, an e-bike rental platform based in New York City, to provide at least 500 delivery workers free access to more than 1,000 safety certified e-bikes.

This comes as e-bike, lithium-ion battery-related fires have more than doubled in NYC since last year, up 216, according to the NYC Fire Department.

“Delivery workers are essential to thousands of communities and businesses, including Grubhub’s, and helping to ensure their safety and the safety of all New Yorkers is a top priority,” said Amy Perlik Healy, vice president of government relations at Grubhub.

JOCO utilizes fireproof battery charging cabinets that have been tested at a nationally recognized testing laboratory, each with its own fire safety extinguisher. JOCO’s batteries are certified to IEC 62133, an important standard for exporting lithium-ion batteries into global markets.

In addition, Grubhub is also matching Uber’s recent $100,000 donation to the FDNY Foundation to help power e-bike safety awareness and lithium-ion battery education. DoorDash also announced the same.

“These new partnerships are an expansion of our ongoing work to address safe use of e-bikes and handling of batteries by delivery partners and we will explore any reasonable means to prevent tragic fires from occurring in the future,” said Healy.

Grubhub will also give delivery personnel access to over 55 JOCO hubs, for e-bike storage, battery exchange and distribution of delivery ride gear.

“We know that micro-mobility devices are here to stay, and the FDNY is constantly exploring best practices for how to use them safely,” said Jean O’Shea, executive director of the FDNY Foundation. “We are grateful for the support of industry partners like Grubhub for helping us spread the important messages of safety and prevention surrounding lithium-ion batteries.”

Currently, JOCO’s e-bikes are available for rent, but beginning in mid-June, select Gruhub delivery partners can use the bikes for free, for partial day use, daily or weekly rentals.