QikServe and FreedomPay announced the continuation of their successful partnership. Their alliance, which began in 2018 and provides an integrated payment solution to hospitality businesses, has been adopted globally, expanding significantly throughout Europe and North America.

FreedomPay provides a Next Level Commerce™ platform to companies that allows them to evolve their current payment technology systems. Software engineers build around and expand these existing systems to simplify and speed up the process. QikServe provides a suite of solutions for food and beverage ordering, including being the US patent holder for QR code ordering for more than a decade.

The partnership between QikServe and FreedomPay has allowed customers who adopt QikServe’s platform along with FreedomPay’s technology to experience a new level of payment flexibility.

Nate Ware, SVP Sales & Digital Development at FreedomPay, said they are excited to continue transforming hospitality commerce. “The longstanding partnership between FreedomPay and QikServe continues to take technology innovation and guest experience to the next level in Hospitality,” Ware said.

In addition to their partnership, FreedomPay and QikServe have made headway in their own fields. QikServe currently caters to thousands of brands across the world in more than 40 countries. The company processes more than $1 billion in orders for their customers yearly.

FreedomPay serves more than 75 countries around the world and currently has more than 1,000 POS, PMS, Kiosk, Web, and Mobile integrations. They also have a 100% client retention rate.

Both companies use each other’s networks and work together around the world at trade shows.

Robert Taylor, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of U.S. Operations at QikServe, said that the collaboration between both companies shows a key advancement in hospitality technology.

“Through our unified efforts, and with the expansion of the QikServe team in the U.S., we are equipping businesses globally with the tools to enhance their operations and surpass customer expectations within a rapidly evolving industry. FreedomPay’s leadership in tokenization technology continues to trailblaze seamless customer centric loyalty programs and we look forward to our continued partnership,” Taylor said.