As third-party ordering channels continue gaining steam, delivery integration provider ItsaCheckmate is promising brands they can simplify the process of tracking and reporting of critical metrics by consolidating ordering platform statements into one unified view.

The New York-based company bills its new Reconcile tool as “a no-fuss, plug-and-play data ingestion, formatting and reporting tool” that will reduce the amount of staff time and energy dedicated toward monthly accounting functions that have grown increasingly complex in recent years. 

In announcing the new product, ItsaCheckmate says the beauty of this automated tool is that it can seamlessly fit into any accounting process or system, and that it will eliminate time-intensive, repetitive and error-prone tasks required to collect and organize various third-party statements. 

“Once the third-party ordering platform statements are consolidated, the tool creates a simple-to-understand reporting of transaction-level details for all orders, with exactly the same information from the financial section of the third-party platforms,” the company said. “The automation of the process allows accounting teams to be far more nimble and move from a quarterly or monthly reconciliation process to weekly, allowing them to catch out-of-place transactions far earlier to recover valuable revenue dollars.”

The previous iteration of ItsaCheckmate’s solution was called Accounting Reconciliation, and it was exclusively available to the company’s fully integrated customers. Founder and CEO Vishal Agarwal said the new solution is more advanced, and can flag any discrepancies “in either direction” of transactions. 

“However, based on feedback from numerous customers, we realized that although it was highly beneficial, it required significant changes to existing accounting practices,” Agarwal added. “Taking this into account, we developed a streamlined version called Reconcile, which focuses on resolving the primary issue faced by all restaurant accounting teams. We have eliminated the time wasted on collecting, adjusting, and presenting consolidated third-party operating statements. Our solution is adaptable to any accounting workflow, enables a more agile reconciliation process and is available to any restaurant irrespective of who they use for their third-party menu and order integration.”

More information about ItsaCheckmate’s Reconcile is available HERE.