Delivery Hero, the German-based local delivery platform, has partnered with sustainable packaging manufacturer Eco-Products to provide restaurants with Earth-friendly packaging to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. The pilot program is debuting in Austria, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Qatar, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, with more markets joining the program in the future.

In total, Delivery Hero aims to deploy 10 million units of sustainable packaging by the end of 2022 after pledging to become carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021.

The packaging will be plant-based and perfluoroalkoxy-alkanes (PFAS) free, commonly referred to as a forever chemical that persists in nature after its disposal. Delivery Hero will provide the packaging to its restaurant partners “at affordable pricing,” claiming that they could be comparably priced to plastic options.

“Becoming more sustainable is an important part of Delivery Hero’s ambition to build a company that future generations can be proud of,” said CEO Niklas Östberg. “By taking responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint through sustainable packaging, Delivery Hero aspires to pave the way for the industry and deliver a more climate friendly service for customers and communities around the world.”

Delivery Hero’s packaging initiative is the result of a collaboration with Eco-Products and BIO-LUTIONS, which will provide a range of products including burger boxes, compartment containers, salad bowls, soup and sauce containers. In 2019, Delivery Hero invested in BIO-LUTIONS and supported the development of its sustainable packaging products. By incorporating its products into the Delivery Hero business model, the company says it is setting an example “for the industry to invest in companies that can positively impact their supply chain.”