Expectations are everything in foodservice, and Tillster’s new “Phygital Index Report” sheds new light on what diners are thinking for delivered and in-person restaurant experiences. 

The digital ordering and loyalty provider’s fifth-annual consumer index shows that three-quarters of delivery customers simply didn’t feel like picking up their—not exactly ground-breaking, but important to remember as the industry continues its off-premises evolution. 

The 2023 Phygital Index Report is designed to help QSR and fast-casual decision makers shape their strategies based on what consumers say they actually want when it comes to delivery, self-service kiosks, digital ordering and loyalty programs. 

Tillster and research firm Dynata surveyed more than 1,000 U.S.-based diners who have ordered food from a quick service/fast-food, fast-casual or casual dining chain within the previous three months about their ordering habits, experiences, and preferences. 

The report found that nearly all diners (92 percent) want to receive some form of personalization from QSRs.

  • Self-service kiosks: 34 percent of consumers indicated they’d like restaurants to have more self-service kiosks available. Diners indicated that kiosks not only provide a distinct convenience and speed factor, but also a level of personalization and customization (especially when loyalty programs are connected to kiosks). In fact, 59 percent of kiosk users have been pleasantly surprised by new menu and customization options when using a kiosk.
  • Web & mobile ordering: 71 percent of consumers prefer restaurant-specific websites or mobile apps over third party solutions due to lower costs, convenience and personalized loyalty benefits. QSRs have a valuable opportunity to convert third-party app users into patrons of their own platforms to cultivate stronger, direct relationships with customers.
  • Delivery: 75 percent of consumers indicated that their motivation for ordering food for delivery was simply because they didn’t feel like picking it up. This finding underscores diners’ inclination towards convenient, effortless and hassle-free QSR experiences.

“Restaurants have experienced more digital transformation in recent years than ever before to keep up with evolving customer expectations. As customers have increasingly returned to in-restaurant dining, their expectations for the digital experience have also grown,” said Tillster CEO Perse Faily. “The Phygital Index Report makes it clear that today’s diners want the hospitality, human connection, and ambiance of physical experiences while leveraging the self-service, personalized capabilities of digital interfaces. The report serves as a guidepost for brands looking to strike the right balance of physical and digital to create personalized experiences that lead to long-lasting brand champions.”

The complete findings from the report are available HERE.