In a move that was telegraphed for more than a year, Waitr has officially become ASAP. The company announced it changed its name, embracing not just food delivery but its new “deliver anything” business model.

According to a press release announcing the move, “ASAP’s new vision is delivering to consumers, same day, from any type of business.”

The company recently signed several agreements to launch delivery of many different types of items including alcohol, sporting goods, luxury apparel, parts for vehicles and home appliances. It also inked a deal to take on in-venue delivery at MetLife Stadium, with the New York Giants and the New York Jets as well as the New Orleans Saints, the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University.

According to CEO Carl Grimstad, the name now reflects a vision to deliver much more than food in many more settings.

“The strategies we have implemented have reinforced our ‘anything, anywhere ASAP’ vision, making us the go-to company for a wider range of products and services. And of course, our emphasis on working with businesses to make them more successful will never change,” said Grimstad.

Additionally, the ASAP platform facilitates access to third parties that provide payment processing solutions for restaurants and other merchants.

Grimstad took over Waitr back in early 2020, transforming the company that was largely in shambles. It was “over-staffed,” under water and wildly inefficient. Grimstad told Food On Demand back in 2020 that there was a room with stacks and stacks of iPads, one from each restaurant in the 60 shuttered markets.

“There was really money to be saved everywhere,” said Grimstad as the company flipped revenue from a nearly $15 million loss to positive $15 million.

Rebranding to ASAP marks the next phase in what has been a transformative turnaround since the company was acquired and itself acquired several other payment processing companies.

As of June 30, 2022, ASAP operates in approximately 1,000 cities throughout the United States with plans to keep expanding. That makes ASAP the No. 4 delivery provider in the U.S.