Whether it’s Costanza-style worlds colliding or a meme-era “mashup,” a new delivery-only restaurant from Lettuce Entertain You and Grubhub is both the first restaurant solely focused on the restrictive Whole30 diet craze and also the first time a third-party delivery provider is cutting out the middleman by developing its own restaurant.

Called Whole30 Delivered, the delivery-only restaurant will be operated by Lettuce Entertain You and will be focused on helping Chicagoland-area diners reset their metabolism with prepared meals tailored to the wildly popular diet. Lettuce and Grub are both based in Chicago.

Lettuce Entertain You’s culinary team worked directly with the team at Whole30 to create a menu for the virtual restaurant that keeps with the lifestyle brand’s commitment to “real, whole, unprocessed foods.” The menu is available to order for lunch and dinner, and it will rotate seasonally to keep things fresh.

Given the complexity of cooking Whole30 meals, Food On Demand’s in-house Whole30 devotee said getting these meals delivered could be hugely helpful for those taking the no sugar/alcohol/grains/legumes/soy/dairy plunge.

Initial menu items include Thai Chicken-Coconut-Curry Soup, Melissa’s Buffalo Chicken Salad, “Spaghetti and Meatballs” made with spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs and Roasted Chicken Tikka Masala. The whole menu can be seen at whole30delivered.com, which is available now through Grubhub.

“Lettuce has been at the forefront of innovative food concepts for decades, and our close partnership provides great food and unique offerings to diners,” said Grubhub President and CFO Adam DeWitt. “It’s Grubhub’s goal to give diners the industry’s widest variety of food choices. Whole30 Delivered adds an exclusive option to our marketplace for healthy and delicious meals.”

It’s likely that a Whole30-focused restaurant will likely grab headlines outside of restaurant-specific publications, but to our eyes the biggest news here is that Grubhub is jumping to the other side of the fence and getting into the restaurant game on its own.