Feeling a little underpowered? Be careful what you wish for, as a new patent from IBM shows the technology giant wants no yawn left behind as it develops a drone that can detect tired souls and immediately swoop in with a hot cup of coffee.

In a patent filed with the U.S. government last month, IBM says coordinating drone-based coffee drops would require a fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle connected to an electronic processing circuit that “identifies an individual among the people that may have a predetermined cognitive state based on sensor data” that waits for a gesture that indicate what drink may be desired before bringing said individual their desired pick-me-up.

“The drone proactively and automatically delivers coffee to one or more recipients, for example who are in a large office complex,” the filing reads, including the nugget that a person’s desire for coffee may be based on sleep quality, an electronic calendar including a schedule of the day’s meetings and personal biometrics including blood pressure, pupil dilation and facial expression. Nope, nothing scary about that.

Careful not to lose the human touch, the filing says “coffee consumption can be a semi-ritualistic activity performed by a small group, and can also be an activity preferred in public, for example in a venue such as a coffee shop or salon.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Caffeinated Joe Bot. Now, please fetch me an iced coffee with one sugar and almond milk, and try not to spill it on my face. As you already know, I have a meeting in 15.