Postmates has doubled membership of its Unlimited subscription service, and lowered the minimum order size for its members to $15, down from $20. Unlimited is a monthly subscription service where members receive free delivery from more than 300,000 merchants on the Postmates platform.

“Since we launched Unlimited in 2016, it has been highly successful, growing 300% year over year,” said Kristin Schaefer, senior vice president of strategy & finance for Postmates. “Unlimited has become a way of life. In 2018 alone, the number of Unlimited members has doubled. Nearly one in three orders on Postmates are coming from our members and in some of our key markets, nearly one in two orders come from Unlimited members.” With Unlimited, members have access to free delivery from not only restaurants, but also coffee shops, pharmacy chains, bakeries, personal care stores.

Schaefer noted in the announcement that its Unlimited members are spending 50% more than average Amazon Prime subscribers.