Grubhub has unveiled its annual most-popular food rankings, and there have been some big shifts in what people want to order.

Among the top 10, bean burritos have unseated the king of delivery last year: poke. In 2017, the raw fish and rice dish show up 643 percent. Burritos, however, rocketed up from No. 7 fastest grower to take the No. 1 spot. Why? Burritos travel really well, heck they might be better after all those beans and cheese get to know each other.

Poke fans, don’t worry, it’s still growing in popularity by more than 200 percent.

As for the rest of the top 10, 2018 was the year of white meat. Various chicken dishes jumped up precipitously in 2018, and pork ribs took the No. 4 spot. It’s almost a completely new list as acai bowls, chicken fried steak and mini corn dogs fall off the fastest grower list. Avocado toast fell from No. 3 to off the top 10 entirely—either millennials ran out of money or we all realized we didn’t want wet bread delivered.

The Top 10:

  1. bean burrito + 276% more popular
  2. poke + 205% more popular
  3. chicken slider + 189% more popular
  4. baby back pork rib + 165% more popular
  5. chicken burrito + 164% more popular
  6. chicken sandwich + 160% more popular
  7. cauliflower rice bowl + 155% more popular
  8. chicken and waffle slider + 145% more popular
  9. parmesan chicken + 139% more popular
  10. buffalo cauliflower + 124% more popular

Beyond the big trends, Grubhub also called out the most popular breakfast, late-night and dessert delivery items.

People couldn’t get enough peanut butter acai bowls in 2018; it was 350 percent more popular than last year. And the night owls discovered stuffed jalapeno’s in 2018, the dish was 169 percent more popular than 2017. The classic brownie shot up 413 percent among dessert items, and vegan brownies just nearly broke into the top five.

Also included in the fun report are some key customer insights. Most people order at home or work, fast casual restaurants are the the most popular delivery sources.

Women proved to be more impulsive or spontaneous than men when it comes to ordering. Men order more burgers and barbecue while women order more Chinese and Mexican.

The big question of why did they order confirms our own research. Nearly half (43 percent) of respondents said they didn’t feel like cooking. Next with 30 percent was consumers satisfying a craving and the third answer was saving time with 28 percent of responses.

1. Didn’t feel like cooking (43%)
2. Satisfy a craving (30%)
3. Saving time from cooking/cleaning (28%)
4. At home game night/movie night (25%)
5. Family night dinner (24%)

See the rest of the report here via Grubhub.