Slice, the third-party delivery marketplace exclusively for independent pizzerias, announced a new Pizzeria Score tool to allow consumers to rate the more than 14,000 pizza shops in its network. According to the New York-based company, early tests of the Pizzeria Score function showed that it can “help double or even triple orders” while fostering increased customer loyalty.

“By virtue of its massive network, Slice has the data to understand what drives success for pizzerias,” the company said in a press release. “The tool delivers a seamless way to extend Slice’s insights through a one-of-a-kind scoring system. Shop owners who partner with Slice are individually graded on crucial business practices such as branding, online and app ordering, personalized marketing, and customer service.

Along with their results, shop owners are given the detailed instructions and resources they can use to improve their score. Pressed for additional details, Slice said the Pizzeria Scores are “entirely focused on the pizzeria owner giving her/him the necessary visibility to see how to improve customer experience and grow sales.”

“Pizzeria Score will allow the over 14,000 shops in our network to up-level their offerings and see where they can improve,” said Preethy Vaidyanathan, chief product officer at Slice. “Our plan for 2021 is to help as many shops as possible increase their score. We’re going all in on this new feature, providing both the tools and step-by-step guidance needed to drive success, and we expect the local pizzeria owners to see a sizable return.”

Shops are ranked in one of four categories on Pizzeria Score: Okay, Good, Great, All Star. As a shop moves through the ranks, they can see a difference not only in the number of orders they receive, but in the quality of the orders and repeat customers.

If a restaurant receives a poor rating from customers, Slice said that indicates “that the owner is missing opportunities to be discovered by the consumer and to be contacted, or to remember that consumer’s last order and offered tailored discounts, for example.”