Mike Lukianoff

CEO and Co-Founder
Extropy 360

Mike is CEO and co-founder of Extropy 360, which specializes in decision intelligence. As a data science expert and entrepreneur specializing in geo-spatial analytics & consumer demand patterns, he pioneered the use of data driven solutions in the restaurant industry. Mike has created multiple analytical methods for price, promotion, marketing optimization and site selection, many used by the largest chain restaurant companies. 
He served as an early partner and first president of Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) North America. He later founded Czar Metrics which was acquired by Fishbowl Inc (now Personica) and continued to lead the analytics and data science teams after Fishbowl’s acquisition by Symphony Technology Group (STG). His latest venture, Extropy360, is making businesses smarter by bringing scalable decision intelligence to a new generation of business users.
Mike serves on several private advisory boards. He is also active with his alma mater Cornell University.

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