Popular dishes seen while scrolling on TikTok can now be delivered directly to your home. 

This is possible through a partnership with the social media platform and Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), the company behind MrBeast Burger. 

Dubbed “Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok” the menu is inspired by viral food trends made popular on the app by content creators. Current offerings include online hits such as pasta chips & dips inspired by @bostonfoodgram and a chopped Italian sandwich inspired by @ninjacue—to name a few. 

Chopped Italian Sandwich by @ninjacue is a menu item available on “Creators’ Kitchen” through VDC.

As Creators’ Kitchen is a virtual brand, dishes are produced out of existing restaurants or kitchens. The concept poses an opportunity for restaurants to bring in an additional revenue stream outside of their core offerings. Consumers can order directly through the Creators Kitchen website or delivery apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, in over 100 locations across 32 states. 

Restaurants can “opt-in, become a market partner and participate in the hottest food trends,” according to the release. The brand also encourages creators to apply to become “affiliates” to create new menu items and get paid for promoting.

“Working with TikTok creators to develop and market the menu of this brand has been an exciting endeavor,” said VDC co-founder Robbie Earl. “With creators steadily producing new recipes and content, Creators’ Kitchen As Seen On TikTok will always be relevant and inspiring.”

With over 1 billion subscribers on the short video platform, VDC aims to capitalize on the opportunity of direct-to-consumer marketing—where trending culinary clips can reach millions of views. 

Leveraging TikTok creators is the latest move from VDC, which offers celebrity and non-celebrity-backed brands with menus featuring diverse cuisines.

The company is known for its brands such as MrBeast Burger, by famous Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson. Despite facing headwinds last year, the burger concept is still available through the virtual platform. The company also owns brands Pardon My Cheesesteak and Man Vs. Fries as well as a handful of others.