Kevin King

Donato’s Pizza

Kevin King has compiled a distinguished career as an executive in the restaurant space, one that spans over three decades with four household-name brands. His professional efforts, both in various development and operation roles, have resulted in the creation of over 1,500 restaurants in six countries.

Currently, King serves as President of Donatos Pizza LLC. King rejoined Donatos in January of 2022. He will help lead and grow the Donatos Brand and leverage his experience and knowledge to accelerate growth as a franchise company around the US and the world. Currently Donatos has 170 traditional stores and over 200 nontraditional locations around the US.

Prior, King served as the chief business development officer at Smoothie King. During his time with the company, King played an instrumental role in growing Smoothie King’s global footprint. While at Smoothie King it grew from 900 to 1300 stores globally.

King also spent 10 years with Papa Murphy’s: the world’s fifth-largest pizza chain. There, King was responsible for more-than-doubling Papa Murphy’s stores – which went from around 700 stores in 2005 to over 1,500 upon King’s departure for Smoothie King in 2015.

King and his wife of 25 years, Leslie, have three children.

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