Consolidation continues sweeping through the restaurant tech space, with DoorDash announcing a deal to acquire hospitality startup, Bbot. The delivery giant says Bbot’s ordering, payment and marketing software will give its merchants more solutions for in-store and online channels and “better support the evolving needs” of restaurant and venue operators.

“Over the past few years, the hospitality industry has seen the benefits of growing their online channels as well as digitizing their in-store operations,” said Bbot CEO Steve Simoni. “Joining forces with DoorDash enables us to more rapidly scale our solutions so that, together, we can equip more businesses with more low-cost tools to help them provide excellent customer experiences and compete in today’s digital world.”

Bbot’s in-store digital ordering software allows merchants to increase sales while creating higher quality experiences for customers and staff. Just as customers benefit from shorter wait times to order and pay, staff benefit from faster table turnaround times and greater focus on service. Merchants also have the ability to utilize all their tables and extend their hours even when faced with staff shortages.

Bbot’s solutions include a QR code scanner that brings customers to a merchant-branded, interactive online menu for in-store ordering. Guests can order with one another and alongside servers on a single, open tab. Bbot’s flexible technology works with a merchant’s existing software services, including POS systems, loyalty programs, and reservation services, and operates on a variety of merchant and consumer devices, including handhelds and tablets.

By adding these solutions to the DoorDash platform, DoorDash aims to create more value for merchants. Upon deal close, Bbot’s in-store digital and online ordering solutions will be available to merchants for no monthly subscription fee through August 31, 2022.

“We’re excited to bring our combined suite to an even wider selection of merchants across the hospitality space—including bars, hotels, and ghost kitchens—so these businesses can engage with more customers, increase their quality of service, and grow sales,” said Tom Pickett, DoorDash’s chief revenue officer. “Bbot has built best-in-class features and highly customizable tools that will enable DoorDash to better support the ever-growing range of merchant needs.”