Point-of-sale provider ParTech has added functionality for Lunchbox, a fast-growing provider of restaurant delivery integration and marketing software, into its Brink POS platform.

Lunchbox features a variety of digital solutions designed to empower restaurants to engage with guests directly, including personalized ordering apps, websites and pocket kiosks. The partnership marks Lunchbox’s official foray into the enterprise restaurant arena and provides Brink POS with new enterprise solution for its customers.

The company’s omnichannel approach to customer marketing enables restaurants to process and fulfill more online orders on their own while continuing to build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers.

“Expanding Lunchbox’s integrations with PAR’s Brink POS platform…gets us one step closer to our goal of mitigating the need for third-party platforms,” says Andrew Boryk, chief technology officer at Lunchbox. “With the help of my development team, we’ve created what is virtually a one-stop shop for PAR’s Brink POS users, allowing them to execute everything from orders to marketing and promotions all within one platform that is easily accessible for operators and guests alike.”

“Guests are demanding easier and faster ways to order the food they crave from their favorite restaurants,” Stephen Lee, director of strategic partnerships for PAR, said. “Lunchbox is a creative solution that simplifies the online ordering experience for guests while still keeping the personal touches that make every concept unique.”

Restaurants that have embraced Lunchbox’s distinctive approach to online ordering and marketing have seen, in some cases, a 30 percent growth in sales. Additionally, more of that profit stays with the restaurant itself, as opposed to a third-party delivery app.