Atif Kureishy

Founder & CEO, Vistry

Atif Kureishy is the Founder and CEO of Vistry, a San Diego-based Generative AI startup focused on revolutionizing the food commerce industry. A seasoned leader in technology, Atif has held pivotal roles at NASA, NSA, and Teradata, collaborating with Fortune 100 companies globally around data & analytics. His expertise extends to being a published author on Enterprise AI and a regular speaker at industry forum, blogs and podcasts specializing in AI and Hospitality. Under his guidance, Vistry has launched innovative products like LumoChat and ZenoChat, setting new standards in human-AI interaction within the sector. Atif’s leadership is grounded in core values of Innovation, Customer-Centricity, Integrity, and Collaboration, making Vistry a forerunner in AI-driven solutions for food commerce.

In terms of academic credentials, Atif holds degrees in Physics and Math from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), as well as a degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. This multidisciplinary educational background serves as the foundation for his deep technical expertise and strategic insight, empowering him to drive Vistry’s mission of bringing groundbreaking AI solutions to the food commerce industry.

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