OrderOut, a dashboard that allows restaurants to manage online orders, has launched same-day payouts for all Uber Eats orders. While orders placed on Uber Eats can typically take up to 9 days to be paid out to the restaurant, OrderOut Same-Day Payouts provide deposits daily by 7 p.m.

Restaurants rely on a steady flow of cash to cover their daily expenses. At the same time, customers have come to expect delivery options since the rise in popularity of Uber Eats and other services. But delayed payment terms have posed many challenges.

Thibault Le Conte, CEO of OrderOut, said, “In a culinary world where timing is everything, OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts revolutionize how restaurants sustain and grow. It’s not just about food delivery, it’s about instant financial fundings for restaurants.”

All restaurant orders are paid out on the same day they are processed, even on weekends. Restaurants can utilize OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts by applying for Financial Services from Netevia, their partner. Payments are received via an OrderOut Banking Services card, which gives immediate access to money earned.

OrderOut offers other services such as order management, automated order printing, and an easy delivery process. Their delivery fleet currently includes Uber Eats, ChowNow, DoorDash, Wix, and Grubhub.

To learn more and join the revolution of OrderOut’s Same-Day Payouts on your restaurant’s finances and for any company interested on OrderOut’s api visit here.