ChowNow, a marketing and online ordering platform for restaurants, has acquired Cuboh, a platform used for consolidating online orders. This solution will provide an integrated resource for restaurant operators to streamline off-premises business.

Cuboh was founded in 2018 and is well-known for giving restaurants the ability to manage orders from multiple delivery services. The company provides a single interface that allows the use of fewer devices, resulting in a reduction of errors.

Chris Webb, CEO of ChowNow, said that off-premises business is expanding due to customer demand, and often leads to challenges for restaurant teams. “We’re looking forward to offering our partners a complete digital platform that seamlessly integrates into their POS system, allowing restaurant teams to focus their energy on their craft,” he continued.

It’s not unusual for restaurants to use more than half a dozen digital platforms that all have their own protocols, training, and fees. The combined solution of ChowNow and Cuboh has the potential to reduce costs related to order errors.

ChowNow offers commission-free ordering through their app, and has saved restaurants $700 million in commission fees to date. Their Diner Impact Score, which was developed in 2021, gives customers a personalized dollar amount they have saved by ordering through their app. Including Cuboh, ChowNow’s platform integrates into 14 North American POS systems.

ChowNow has restructured its organization to integrate the Cuboh team. Cuboh’s current users will now be able to access ChowNow’s products, which include ChowNow Pro and Flex Delivery, to name just a few.

Juan Orrego, co-founder and CEO of Cuboh, said the company was started to help restaurants digitize their business affordably and efficiently, adding, “That’s why this opportunity with ChowNow is so exciting for our team. Restaurants can very easily sign up and get everything they need in one place, including a reliable POS integration. This is only the beginning of what’s possible; together, our teams can make a tangible impact on our restaurant partners to help them grow their businesses.”