Cuboh, a Victoria, British Columbia-based online ordering management system, is debuting a new self-ordering kiosk solution.  

The latest product launch adds to the company’s suite of products which enable restaurants to manage all of their third-party delivery app and first-party website orders in one place.

“With online ordering continuing to expand, restaurants require a consolidated solution to manage the different avenues of online ordering,” said Juan Orrego, founder and CEO of Cuboh. “It no longer works managing settings such as your menus separately, when food items run out restaurants need to be able to toggle a switch to push the change out to all online menus, instead of changing each delivery app and other online ordering websites separately.” 

Cuboh will launch its self-ordering kiosks Oct. 1 2023

Slated to release Oct. 1 2023, Cuboh’s kiosks aim to streamline in-person ordering, while solving labor and operational challenges faced by restaurants.

“Our self-ordering kiosks were the natural next step in Cuboh’s growth,” said Orrego. “Cuboh Kiosks create the opportunity for natural upselling which increases average ticket size, as well as the opportunity to collect customer information for targeted marketing campaigns.” 

Customer information collected via the kiosks include phone numbers, email addresses, as well as information on favorite meals.

In addition, the kiosks integrate orders directly into point-of-sale (POS) systems in real-time. POS system partners include Clover, Square, Micros, Revel and various others. 

To learn more about Cuboh and their newest kiosk solution visit their website here or request a demo at this link