Olo has unveiled a new ecosystem of integrated technology and service partners called Olo Connect, which the company believes will accelerate innovation in restaurant technology across the foodservice industry. 

Olo Connect works with a wide range of technology and service providers demonstrating excellence across various categories to provide an easy path for developers to build on the Olo platform and give restaurant brands complete control over a comprehensive set of proven solutions to leverage. 

The New York-based company says its partnership ecosystem is “an agile and flexible way for brands to adopt new and existing technology, without the hassle of building in-house or settling for a siloed technology stack.”

Meeting a transparent set of qualifications, which include tenure on the Olo platform, number of brands and locations currently supported and proven customer satisfaction, Olo Connect partners gain valuable benefits that span sales, marketing, product, implementation, and support. Additional benefits are rewarded on a tiered structure based on the strength of their credentials.

“We are thrilled to launch our first ever partner program with Olo Connect,” said Diego Panama, chief revenue officer at Olo. “Since its founding, Olo has committed to being an open platform, with the firm belief that our technology partners help Olo better serve our restaurant customers. With Olo Connect, we’re opening the door for new and expanded relationships and providing our network of over 600 restaurant brands the data-driven insights they need to confidently choose the right digital tools for their brand in an increasingly crowded landscape. As we continue to add valuable partners to our ecosystem, we look forward to leading with value and accelerating our drive towards 100 percent digital.”

Current Olo Connect partners include leading industry providers such as Bite, Bounteous, 5&5, FlyBuy, Kea and Thanx. With an extensive range in product offerings, including custom front end development, geolocation, implementation, kiosks, loyalty, and voice, Olo Connect partners meet the changing needs of any restaurant concept aiming to grow their digital presence, increase operational efficiency, and improve the guest experience. 

“Thanx is thrilled to be Olo’s first Gold Olo Connect loyalty partner. Through this strategic partnership, we are positioned to provide even more value to our mutual restaurant customers,” said Zach Goldstein, CEO and founder of Thanx. “We have built a strong integration through years of partnership. We look forward to the additional exposure and support from Olo as we continue to broaden our customer base and provide innovative digital solutions at scale.”