After two of the biggest players in delivery appeared headed toward a courtroom, Olo and DoorDash announced they have dismissed their recent contract dispute, agreed to a settlement, dismissed all of DoorDash’s outstanding legal claims and signed a new, multi-year agreement to continue working together.

For those of you who missed one of the fastest near-breakups in North American delivery history, DoorDash recently sued Olo after alleging that Olo had “cheated its largest business partner” for years.

The crux of DoorDash’s argument, according to a filing with the New York County Clerk, was that fees charged for Olo’s Rails and Dispatch services were to never be higher than fees charged to any other delivery platform provider—and that all unraveled after DoorDash acquired Caviar and later learned Olo was charging the two brands different fees.

With this update, that is all just water under the bridge.

“Today’s announcement of a multi-year collaboration with DoorDash reflects our commitment to best serve the restaurant industry,” said Marty Hahnfeld, chief customer officer of Olo. “We look forward to our continued partnership over the years ahead.”

“We are pleased to have resolved this matter and continue to work together for the benefit of our merchants,” said Tom Pickett, chief revenue officer of DoorDash.