Toast has launched its Digital Storefront and Marketing Suites. This provides restaurants with the ability to gather data from both online and point-of-sale (POS) transactions and also integrate across the Toast platform.

The data can then be used for targeted campaigns as well as custom guest experiences. Toast offers a host of marketing automations through its Marketing Suite that allows restaurant owners to create marketing campaigns suited to guests’ unique preferences.

Steve Fredette, President and Co-Founder of Toast, said that their technology has transformed the on-site guest experience for many restaurants, adding “Our Digital Storefront and Marketing Suites extend that enhanced guest experience online using tools like Toast’s new AI-powered writing assistant, search-engine-optimized website and online menus, promotional offers, loyalty programs, and automated marketing campaigns that work together to draw guests in and keep them coming back.”

Toast is a digital platform that is cloud-based and provides software-as-a-service (Saas) products to restaurants. Their Marketing Suite uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create marketing campaigns. Customers can use inputs such as desired tone and campaign goals, and a suggested text for e-mails will be generated. These results can then be edited as needed before being sent out to a target audience.

Additionally, the suite lets users create automated marketing campaigns, a recommendation engine that provides reminders and suggestions for campaigns and targeted promotional offers. Users also gain access to real-time performance metrics that show the specific sales gained from each campaign.

Toast’s Digital Storefront Suite includes a website builder that allows users to build a professional website. Toast products are embedded on the site, and the sites have a drag-and-drop functionality. Restaurants can customize their website with images, fonts, and colors of their choosing.

John Mason IV, Owner of IV Hospitality, talked about the ease of using Toast. “It would take many steps to create, change, and update my website and online ordering. With Toast, it’s easy to set it and forget it— I make an update in one place and see changes across my whole tech stack,” Mason said.

Both the Marketing Suites as well as the Digital Storefront also offer loyalty accrual and redemption options, customizable promotional offers, and gift cards, among other features.