Apex Order Pickup Solutions has introduced a new series of indoor/outdoor smart lockers designed to simplify on-site pickup of digital orders.

NextUp Smart Pickup Lockers provides a secure pickup of ordered items 24/7. Customers can order online, through apps, phones, or send a text to self-serve grab orders whenever convenient.

The company states the lockers can manage an influx of orders more efficiently than traditional pickup processes while minimizing labor and eliminating mistaken pickups or stolen orders.

“NextUp Lockers offer a smarter way to manage order fulfilment, but the benefits extend so much further,” said Mike Wills, CEO of Apex. “They also help businesses complete the digital chain of custody for digital and ecommerce orders, from the moment that order is placed until the customer or delivery driver picks it up.”

Using ApexIQ, the company’s proprietary software, the service can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, POS software, mobile apps and more.

The software also offers a portal that lets authorized users manage locker features and view data from one location or across their enterprise. It also provides a visual loading guide for employees and directional guides for customers.

In addition, locker doors can automatically pop open if a customer leaves part of an order in the compartment, to ensure items are not left behind.

Apex previously launched its OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Lockers, in response to restaurants continuing to see a high demand for takeout orders. The lockers were designed for the exterior walls of restaurants, allowing employees to load orders from inside.

Apex self-serve order pickup solutions are in use in over 5,000 locations globally.