GoTab is expanding its partner network with seven new integrations. The integrations further the company’s mission to help hospitality business owners integrate new technology seamlessly and enhance guest experience.

The company was started in 2016 and began as a code on a receipt for mobile payment. Since that time, QR-based payment and ordering has been widely adopted, and GoTab continues to support the hospitality industry with contact-free technology.

GoTab’s most recent integrations feature the follow companies: Mews, Tripleseat, Restaurant 365, Schedulefly, Shopify, Webflow, and Shipday.

Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-founder at GoTab, commented on the impact GoTab has had on the industry.

“With the launch of the GoTab API Developer Portal just over two years ago, we’ve not only streamlined the connection process with GoTab but also provided a robust engine for growth to our customers. This enables them to broaden their operations effectively and affordably. Impressively, our users are able to harness the power of nearly all our integrations without incurring extra costs,” McLaughlin said.

The company’s integration with Mews, a Property Management System (PMS) that was created for the hospitality industry, allows operators to set up a payment processor through Mews that integrates directly with GoTab. Tripleseat is another integration that offers users the ability to transfer event deposits to GoTab’s POS system.

GoTab’s Webflow integration allows any updates that are made to schedules, menus, or products to be reflected automatically on the operator’s Webflow marketing site. The Shopify integration makes it possible for all purchases, cancellations, and refunds processed in Shopify to automatically adjust inventory levels in GoTab.

A few of the new integrations also help to streamline back-office operations. GoTab’s integration with Restaurant365 gives managers the ability to easily analyze scheduling and payroll information by transferring punch-in/out records. The integration with Schedulefly makes it so that GoTab users can use their labor management software to easily schedule and manage employees.

Their integration with Shipday allows users to better handle deliveries by gaining access to SMS updates as well as precise location tracking.

GoTab’s restaurant commerce platform currently processes $500 million in gross merchandise value a year. The company operates in 39 states across the U.S. as well as Canada.