Olo is expanding its partnership with TRAY, a POS and restaurant management platform. The enhanced partnership will feature an integration with the Olo Engage product suite as well as Olo Pay card-present payment processing.

The Olo Order integration will be expanded to feature automated menu synchronization and TRAY will start up their integration with Olo Order Ready AI. This feature uses machine learning to provide correct ready times for third-party delivery providers as well as guests.

Noah Glass, the Founder & CEO of Olo, talked about how important this collaboration is. The majority (84 percent) of restaurant transactions are offline with card usage on a POS. This partnership is set to create personalized experiences for guests and also streamline operations for websites.

Olo Pay integrated with TRAY for card-present transactions is set to continue to digitize on-premise payments, simplifying management processes and resolving challenges like reconciliation and refunds. Guests can pay via a kiosk, mobile wallet, on their own devices, or at the table with their personal credit card when dining full-service.

The addition of Olo Engage offers access to analyze data from almost all guests. This allows users to fully personalize and make the most of their marketing campaigns for better retention and growth. In-person as well as digital guest interactions are used to create guest profiles, fostering a deeper understanding of how to build lasting guest satisfaction.

Peter Kellis, the Founder & CEO of TRAY, shared his belief that this guest data can be used to personalize each guest’s dining experience, as well as simplify digital transactions, payments, guest satisfaction and team member experiences.

TRAY will also synchronize menu information for Olo Ordering by gathering POS data from TRAY’s Menu Management System into Olo’s menu management API. Additionally, TRAY will integrate data from their system into Olo’s Order Ready AI API. This will provide accurate order ready times to all necessary parties, resulting in sustained food quality as well as accurate time estimates.

Tray currently offers more than 50 software integrations. The company’s new Olo integrations will be available to users in late 2024.